Qadirah Platform: The Pathway for Widows and Divorcees Towards Economic Empowerment and Independence

In a world where social and economic challenges are on the rise, there's a pressing need to empower marginalized groups and provide them with job opportunities and training that embrace their ambitions and turn them into tangible realities. Among these groups, widows and divorcees are at the forefront of those needing support and assistance to re-engage in economic and social life with dignity and independence.


The Need for Support

United Nations reports indicate that a significant percentage of widows worldwide live below the poverty line, attributed to the lack of opportunities available to them in education and employment fields. Similarly, research published by the International Labour Organization shows that women, especially widows and divorcees, face significant challenges in the job market due to skill gaps and social biases.



Qadirah Platform: An Initiative for Change

In this context, Qadirah Platform emerges as a pioneering project aimed at providing a supportive environment for widows and divorcees through specialized training programs focused on developing the necessary skills for job market integration. The platform, leveraging the latest technologies and best educational practices, offers courses in various fields including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and other essential life and professional skills.



Expected Impact

By economically empowering widows and divorcees, Qadirah Platform aims not only to improve the financial situation of this group but also to enhance their role as active and productive members of society. This empowerment is expected to lead to tangible improvements in their quality of life and their families', contributing to overall economic growth through increased employment rates and productivity.



Invitation to Contribute

We invite everyone with the desire and capacity to contribute to this important project, whether individuals or institutions, to join us on this empowering journey. Your contribution can come in various forms, from financial support to offering expertise and resources that can help expand the scope and impact of our programs.



In Conclusion

Qadirah Platform stands as a testament to what can be achieved when efforts are united to support widows and divorcees. Together, we can build a future that honors every woman's dignity and enhances her ability to live independently and productively. We believe that every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in the lives of these women and in our communities as a whole.