Introduction: Qadira platform is the first digital platform in the Arab world dedicated to the care and support of widows and divorcees. The platform offers comprehensive services including psychological, social, and economic support in collaboration with specialists in these fields. It aims to provide a supportive environment that helps this category of women overcome the challenges arising from divorce or the loss of a spouse.

Vision: To become the guiding platform for highlighting the foundations of labor and the job market, employing science in the service of various life sectors, and teaching thinking to the category of widows and divorcees in planning and choosing the right project for these groups. Qadira platform aspires to become a haven for attracting leaders from international institutions in various sectors, entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen, creators, experts in all disciplines, and academic researchers from all over the world.

Mission: Qadira platform is committed to empowering widows and divorcees by providing a wide range of services that help overcome psychological, social, and economic difficulties, enhancing their independence, and their ability to contribute effectively to society. This is because it is now recognized that there is a knowledge base in the field of educational studies, psychology, and educational technology that can be employed in the labor market and marketed to the target groups on this platform, which are the segments of widows and divorcees. This segment, which emerged in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, especially in the Middle East and particularly in Arab countries due to political, sectarian conflicts, and internal and external wars, necessitates highlighting these vulnerable societal segments. The advancement of any society is closely linked to the progress of women and their ability to stand again in the face of difficult and emergent circumstances through supporting their talents and honing them as needed to integrate them into the labor market and enable them for secure future planning and encouraging them to invest in available work opportunities to reach safety.


  • To spread knowledge and arm widowed and divorced women with effective scientific power through introducing modern scientific and practical methodologies to transform the vulnerable category of widows into an effective force contributing to production and marketing for small projects and integrating them into the labor market by shifting from traditional methods in the labor market to modern methodologies in all sectors and using creativity as a methodology in the knowledge economy and intellectual investment for the future foresight of this category of widows and divorcees.
  • To provide psychological and social support to widows and divorcees.
  • To enhance awareness of the rights of widows and divorcees according to Islamic law and Saudi law.
  • To organize lectures and training courses to develop the skills of widows and divorcees.
  • To provide scholarships and support for continuing education.
  • To establish strategic partnerships with related institutions to support the platform's goals.


  • Organizing 50 lectures, training courses, and workshops annually.
  • Providing 100 scholarships for diplomas and training courses annually.
  • Participating in international conferences to introduce the platform.
  • Signing agreements and building partnerships with related institutions.
  • Enhancing the role of media in addressing widow issues.

Business Model: The business model of the Qadira platform relies on offering its services for free, supported by strategic partners and donations. The platform also depends on trained volunteers to provide support and advice.

Platform Details:

  • Qadira platform is available online, providing easy access from anywhere.
  • Ensures users' privacy through strict security policies.
  • Provides educational and training resources through a user-friendly interface.
  • Allows for direct interaction with experts and advisors or through platform forums.
  • Continuously updates content and events to effectively meet user needs.
  • Training and preparation for the labor market and finding special opportunities and scholarships.

Lecture Models The platform offers skill lectures and adaptive lectures as shown below:

Skill Lectures

  • Basics of resume writing and cover letters: A lecture focusing on how to prepare an impactful resume and write effective cover letters, highlighting key skills and experiences.
  • Job interview skills and effective communication: Presenting techniques and tips for excelling in job interviews, including body language, effective listening, and verbal communication.
  • Job search strategies in the digital age: Learning how to use online job search platforms, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and best practices for effectively searching for a job.
  • Personal skills development and self-improvement: Lectures on developing skills such as self-confidence, time management, and problem-solving, which are vital in the workplace.
  • Fundamentals of freelancing and entrepreneurship: Guidance on how to start a private project or work as a freelancer, including legal, administrative aspects, and how to market services.
  • Training on basic technical skills: Workshops on using basic office software like Microsoft Office, and essential computer skills required in most jobs today.

Adaptive Lectures

  • Adapting to life changes after losing a spouse: A lecture focusing on how to deal with grief, changes in personal identity, and social roles after losing a spouse.
  • Financial management and future planning: Guidance on budget management, financial planning, and making smart financial decisions as a family head.
  • Mental health and wellness: Lectures on mental health, meditation and relaxation techniques, and ways to deal with psychological and emotional stress.
  • Legal and social rights of widows: Explaining the rights of widows according to local law and Sharia, focusing on inheritance issues, custody, and financial support.
  • Professional skills development and job-finding strategies: Workshops and lectures on resume development, job interview skills, and how to search for suitable job opportunities.
  • Parenting as a single mother: Tips and strategies on dealing with the challenges faced by a widow in raising children, including effective communication and emotional support for the children.