Project Title: Vegetable Freezing

This project is considered one of the projects suitable for housewives who need to undertake a small project that provides them with a good living income. It is expected to be popular among housewives as well as restaurants and hotels, provided that the feasibility study for this project is well-prepared. It becomes one of the successful projects when established as a large factory. It is essential to consider all information about this project to achieve a lot of profits, and among the most important points are:

  • It is necessary to choose a location that suits this project with enough space.
  • If the project is located near agricultural areas, it is better to enable the project owner to bring the necessary vegetables with minimal transportation costs.
  • Necessary licenses must be available to establish this project and to prevent the project owner from facing legal issues or any damage.
  • A large basin for washing or soaking the vegetables must be provided.
  • The project requires a large-sized boiler.