Project title: Private lessons

There are basics for creating a home project, including the following: limiting the projects you want to work on from home to three projects, studying each project separately and choosing the appropriate one for you. Develop a thoughtful and precise plan by conducting research on the project and how much capital you will need to start it. One of the basics of working from home is that you have a computer and a line connected to the Internet so that you can work from it, and at the same time in order to provide free advertising for yourself and the work that you have done. Perseverance and determination are among the most important things that any project owner needs. It may take a little time, but keep in mind that you will be your own master, all decisions are in your hands, and the feeling of success in your own project is irreplaceable. You can start this project only by having a suitable place for it, or you can go and give these lessons to the students. These days, many people use online education by using a computer, and this will not cost much if there is a computer and a line connected to the Internet.