A completely free scholarship for courses offered by the Basira Association for Media Research and Development

Scholarships like the one offered by the Basira Association for Media Research and Development in Iraq serve as an exemplary model for contributing to the support and empowerment of widows and divorcees through education and professional development. This scholarship, which allows free registration in all the association's courses and obtaining a certificate after official nomination by the "Qadirah" platform administration, is a valuable opportunity for women in this group to enhance their skills and capabilities in the field of media and scientific research.


Importance of the Scholarship

The scholarship provided reflects the Basira Association's commitment to enriching the media and academic community with advanced research and studies, and providing quality training for those working in this field. By enabling widows and divorcees to access these courses, the association contributes to broadening their professional horizons and enhancing their ability to contribute more effectively to society.



Call to Other Institutions

This initiative encourages other institutions, platforms, and centers to take similar steps to support widows and divorcees. By offering scholarships and training opportunities, these institutions can play a vital role in empowering this group of women and helping them overcome the challenges they face, benefiting society as a whole.



Steps to Obtain the Scholarship

To access this scholarship, widows and divorcees registered on the "Qadirah" platform must complete the verification of their accounts and confirm their identities. Then, they can request the scholarship through the "Qadirah" platform's control panel, providing them with access to high-quality education and specialized training at no cost.




The scholarship offered by the Basira Association for Media Research and Development represents an excellent example of how resources and expertise can be used to support and empower widows and divorcees. Providing educational and training opportunities not only helps improve their life and professional conditions but also contributes to building a more inclusive and advanced society. More institutions should follow this model and contribute to supporting this important segment of society.